RecWest personal training will refine your technique, boost your training confidence, and help you reach your fitness goals sooner. You'll receive a personalised training program as well as regular progress tracking, check-ins, and ongoing support. Our team of passionate and qualified personal trainers specialise in the following areas:

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Weightloss
  • Pre and post natal fitness
  • Body building
  • Hypertrophy training (muscle gain, muscle mass)
  • Boxing
  • Olympic lifting
  • Cardio training
  • Youth fitness
  • Seniors ftiness
  • Pre and post menopause fitness
  • Running coaching
  • Functional movement
  • Corrective exercise
  • Rehabilitation

We also offer accessible personal training programs for people with disabilities. 

Whatever your goal is you can achieve it with RecWest.

What does personal training involve?

Personal training involves one-on-one sessions with you and a qualified trainer who identifies goals, plans exercises and programs, and provides expert guidance on how to safely and effectively train.

Rec West personal trainers provide the following: 

Initial session:

  • assess your level of fitness
  • understand what you want to achieve
  • identify your preferred activities.

Ongoing training:

  • develop an individualised program for you
  • work with you to provide support and keep you motivated
  • ensure you learn the correct form and technique
  • monitor and measure your progress over time
  • adjust your training program to keep you interested and challenged.

How much is personal training?

Our trainers offer 30, 45 and 60 minute personal training sessions. Personal training prices depend on the session duration selected. Members can purchase singles sessions, or value packs with 5 or 10 sessions. Non-members can purchase single sessions.

  • Prices
    Single sessions Single session Five pack 10 pack
    30 minutes
    $42.40 $190
    45 minutes $59.30 $259 $489
    60 minutes $71.55 $320 $608
     Non Members
    Single sessions Single session Five pack 10 pack
    30 minutes
    $48.55 -   -  
    45 minutes $67.45 -   -  
    60 minutes $80.75 -   -  

How many personal training sessions do I need?

How many sessions you should have with a trainer depends on a number of factors including; your health and fitness goals, current fitness levels, training experience, budget, availability, commitment, and timeframe for your desired results.

One to three times per week is often recommended to achieve results, however it's important that the schedule is suitable for you and your situation.

Whatever you choose, consistency is key.


Personal training sessions take place in the training studio at RecWest Footscray. There are plenty of transport options nearby and centre carparking as well as disability accessible car spaces. We create personalised programs for a range of people from the local community including West Melbourne, Yarraville, Maribyrnong, Williamstown, Sunshine, Essendon and Footscray.

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